We live in a dream !

We dream with our events, designs, creativity, production capacity and ephemeral architecture. We dream in the exclusivity and uniqueness of each challenge proposed. We dream with the satisfaction of our clients, and the capability to keep surprising. We dream big, because we have high expectations on ourselves and we believe in giving the best. Our dreams become true, Go ahead, make a wish! Yours can too.

Eduardo Alonso


Lou Amador

Foundator / Project Manager

Cristina Carmona


Esther Espinosa

Financial Manager

Toni Ferré

Foundator / Head Creative Manager

Jordi Garcia

Foundator / CEO

Julie Garcia-Aubert

Foundator / Project Manager

Jota González

Graphic Designer

Clara Guillot

Architect Intern

Marek Jarosz


Rubén Lee


Marta Menén

Technical Producer

Maxime Mondet

Graphic Designer

Marc Quijada


Sonia Romero

Suppliers administration


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